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Chiminike's Preschool

Children Development Center in California

Each day, Chiminike’s Preschool provides a balanced approach to learning including STEM, giving you peace of mind that your child will have fun.

Article - Written & Published by the San Joaquin Parents Magazine

Officially opening their doors in October 2005, Chiminike's name stems from a learning museum of the same name in Iris' home country, Honduras. "It inspired what I strive to achieve in my environment," says Iris (Childcare owner).

"An amusing childcare program where children will be excited to be here every day as they play and learn."

Chiminike's Preschool

Iris' ambitions have proven successful in bringing not just fun but stability and comfort to families that call her program "home." And with homemade USDA approved meals available for children, parents can be sure that their sons and daughters are being provided with the veggies, grains, proteins, and fruit they need to continue growing up healthy and happy.

"I know our hard-working parents are busy, tired, and would rather spend time with their child before heading off to work," Iris explains. "That's why we have incorporated these meals into my program. Parents thank me every day!"

Children explore their inner artist in coloring and painting sessions while incorporating positive life habits, such as hygiene and good manners, with sing-alongs. And with our valley being so agriculturally abundant, kids learn a few tricks of the trade-in gardening and farming throughout the seasons.

At Chiminike's, the fun continues throughout the year, indoors, and out! Stop by to take a tour of the facility and see why your son and daughter belong to a community that promotes wellbeing.

Our Team

Our Structure

S- Socially
P- Physically
I- Intellectual
C- Creativity
E- Emotionally

We like to provide children the tools to create self-confidence and self-awareness. In a caring and stimulating atmosphere, our pleasant staff will offer your child endless opportunities to grow, learn, and imagine whether it is building with Lego blocks or inviting a friend to share a story during group time.


Academics do play a role in child development. We believe that there are endless other opportunities for developing the child as a whole. We recognize that the curriculum is more than what appears in manuals. We believe the curriculum is everything that happens in the learning atmosphere, from interactions and meals to singing and playing. We never miss an opportunity to learn.

Excel Pre-K is a high quality, research-based curriculum organized into nine themes that build connections across all domains. This comprehensive new program offers:

Simple Lesson Plans with Flexible Framework and Standards Alignment
Excel Pre-K is organized into nine easy-to-follow four-week themes.
• Overarching topics spark children’s interest.
• Intentional instruction is provided in all areas of development.
• Simple lesson plans meet learning goals and follow children’s interests.

Differentiated Instruction to Meet the Needs of All Learners
Excel Pre-K offers lesson adaptations and options to meet the needs of all learners!
• English Language Learner and Special Needs suggestions are included in the Teacher Guides.
• Lessons are designed to fit visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles.

Strong Foundations in Math and Literacy
Excel Pre-K builds early math and literacy skills, essential to future academic success.
• Small-group lessons and interactive hands-on explorations build a strong math foundation.
• The language-rich environment helps children develop pre-reading skills and listening comprehension.

Essential Social-Emotional Skills
Excel Pre-K helps children manage emotions and learn how to navigate social interactions with others.
• Children learn to become responsible members of their school family through Conscious Discipline®, a comprehensive classroom management and social-emotional program.
• Through this program, children experience an environment where they feel safe and loved.

Interactive Digital Activities with ABCmouse® for Schools
Accelerate academic growth with the #1 digital learning program for young children.
• ABCmouse® for Schools seamlessly aligns with Excel Pre-K and is the perfect addition to center time.
• Digital activities offer valuable online practice with essential skills, creative problem solving, and self-guided instruction.

Playing with toys helps develop motor skills and teaches lessons about sharing with friends. Singing songs while washing hands instills an interest in arts while creating social bonds and educating children about the benefits of good hygiene. We provide a balance between choice and structured activities, between group and individual pursuits, and between teacher and child-directed activities.

We teach seasonally relevant lessons. For example, children learn about gardening in spring and farming in the fall. We give families the tools to provide education at home. We also offer USDA (United States Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service) approved meals. Our home cooked meals are based on My Plate meal systems.